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Legal Notices

"Legal statement"
Article 1
The purpose of the website is in the premise of not violating the laws and regulations in Republic of Singapore, as far as possible for the majority of bitcoin, Wright currency enthusiasts and investors to provide professional international trading platform and financial products. Prohibit the use of this site engaged in money laundering, smuggling, commercial bribery and other illegal trading activities, if found such incidents, the site will freeze accounts, immediately submitted to the public security organs.
Second article
When the public security organs, procuratorate, court and other competent authorities to produce the corresponding requirements of this document survey stations with investigation of the specified user, or to take seizure, freezing or transfer measures to the user account, the station will be in accordance with the requirements of the public security organs to assist in providing data corresponding to the user, or the corresponding operation. Therefore, the user's privacy leaks, accounts can not operate, and therefore the loss caused by the site does not assume any responsibility.
Third article
Users of this site for violation of provisions of this statement and violate the laws of Republic of Singapore, the station for service provider, the obligation of the rules and perfect service platform, but the station did not violate the law in Republic of Singapore's motives and the fact of user behavior does not assume any liability.
Fourth article
Any person who logs into this website or uses the web site directly or indirectly shall be deemed to have voluntarily accepted the restriction of this web site.
Fifth article
The issues not covered in this declaration refer to the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Singapore. When the present declaration conflicts with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Singapore, the laws and regulations of the Republic of Singapore shall prevail.