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Notice about bitcoin forking out bitcoin diamond

All Bitsun users:
      Bitcoin diamond is a bitcoin branch currency, the English abbreviation BCD, will be at the height of 495866 bitcoin bifurcation, then after the block, will form a new bit series chain, and produce BCD. Bitcoin diamond miner will use the new work verification algorithm to start creating blocks, and will gradually increase the transfer of privacy protection functions in the original features of BTC, which will lead to the bifurcation of bitcoin. The original bitcoin block chain will remain unchanged, but a new branch chain can be separated from the original chain. The new branch is the same trading history as Bitcoin until it forks, and then produces the unique blocks that bifurcate from it. As a result of this process, a new encryption mechanism will be born, and we'll call this new BTC fork chain a bit diamond.
     The Bitsun will take snapshots before forking, and only when the snapshot occurs before the BCD can be stored in the BTC. The platform will deliver BCD to the eligible users at 1:10 in the week after the completion of the fork.

Thanks for the support of Bitsun!

                                                                                               Bitsun team
                                                                                             November 24, 2017